Product Features

AVASPO is made of odor neutralizing ingriedients of refined plant oils extracted from several trees, providing perfect deodorization effect with subtle natural fragrance.
AVASPO’s fine micro particles are explosively vaporized into the air and immediately stick to odor factors, Virus & Bacteria and sterilize completely. After removing all odor, harmful VOCs as well as Photo-oxidated smog, those are absorbed into the air as moisture form without residual substances and create no secondary pollutants.
AVASPO Deodorant Deodorant cartridge for Industrial or Household purpose
Components Natural plant oil
Size Made fit to the type of device used
Characteristics It will be customized according to the type of device used, adapting a special harmless permeable membrane and impregnated material.

AVASPO – Performance on Sterilization

Medical staff as well as numerous medical and bio-specialized companies from all over the world are struggling to overcome Covid-19, but, actually, the development of treatments is still uncertain. However, our company, Green World INC., has successfully developed an antiviral substance that kills 99.95% of Influenza A virus (H3N2) of the same RNA family as the corona 19 virus.
We at Green World INC., requested Sterilization test on VIRUS in the AIR to a reliable and authorized Testing Laboratory, and received a certificate evidencing that AVASPO completely removes H3N2 A type of Influenza Virus scattered in the air.(See at data room)

Safety and Virus for AVASPO

The safety of AVASPO was verified through Inhalation Test and Oral Toxic Test. We are confident that AVASPO will be the unique and suitable solution in the era of post Corona, which is quite safe with the excellent anti-viral and anti-bacterial function as well as the excellent effects on removing harmful substances and odors. In addition, AVASPO Green Air System, which effect can be verified even in mega space, will be the perfect choice for virus elimination from life contamination.

Principle of Working of AVASPO

AVASPO, with dual purposes of Deodorant and Virus sterilizer, is designed to chemically react to odors or maximized or non-polarized molecular structure of harmful substances. The structure of AVASPO for removing odors or harmful substances, goes through complex procedure of physical and chemical reactions. The physical reaction is mainly combined with the odor molecular in the first stage and the chemical reaction works on the molecular structure of the odor when the physical reaction is completed to neutralize the odor and deodorize it, and it is absorbed into the air without residual substances, creating no secondary pollutants.

AVASPO Scope of application

  • Industrial Fields : Semi Conductor Manufacturing Plant, Pharmaceutical Factory, Chemical Plant or Factory, Foundry Plant, Waste Incineration Facility, Plastic Manufacturing Factory, Paint Manufacturing Company/Paint Shop, Printing Plant, Electronic Material Manufacturing Company, Textile & Leather Plant, Sewage Treatment Facility, etc
  • Livestock production : Pig Farms, Poultry Farms, Slaughter House, Livestock processing Plant, Grain storage warehouse, Food processing Plant, etc
  • Public Facilities : Airport, Subway underground station, Train and stations, Civil petition room for government agencies, Convalescent hospital, Hospitals/Clinics, Nursing hospital for the elderly, School, Kindergarten, Museum, Exhibition room, airplanes, Cruise ship, War ship, Submarines.
  • Commercial space : Restaurant, Hotel, Underground shopping mall, Pub, Religious facility, Night club, PC game room, Karaoke room, Billiard club, Hotel room, Pet shop, Department store, Indoor sports facility, Group fasting room.
  • Living space : Excellent for removing the odors of pets including cat, Apartment, Officetel, Complex building, Library and Inside vehicles.

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