Green World INC., with founding philosophy of creation of clean environment and promoting human health, is trying it’s best to develop better technology for recovery of destroyed environment and to make good living space.

Recent environmental destruction of the globe is getting crucial everyday as the advancement of human civilization and the sharp increasement of population which are requiring explosive mass production of the goods and services for chasing after convenience in living.

In the environment of swiftly changing society, it is obvious that various harmful and dangerous factors such as Bacteria, Viruses, Toxic substances, Air pollution, etc, are threatening our precious lives, and lots of environment experts predicted that this trend will continuously become more serious and worse without effective solution in near future. Nobody will agree on the easy and prompt recovery of the destroyed environment, for which huge amount of fund and considerable time are necessary.

Green World INC., leading the environmental industry in the 21st century, is a specialized environmental restoration company, and continuously trying to do the best to find the optimum solution on recovery of the destroyed environment. We have, in advance, realized the seriousness of the impact of environment destruction on human life and consequently endeavored to develop better technology with the founding philosophy of “Creating a clean environment and Promoting human health”.

Green World INC., through it’s 20 years of research and development, was successful in discovery of the perfect solution, AVASPO-the refined plant oil extracted from several plants grown in Korea, on removal of toxic gas, air pollution as well as considerably effective sterilization on VIRUS(H3N2 Influenza). According to our test, surprisingly enough, AVASPO showed perfect sterilization effect especially against very strong H3N2 HongKong Influenza Virus, of which we are very proud.

We, at Green World INC., with pride, will do our best to secure a safe and comfortable living space and, also, without any change, will make the utmost effort to create a “Comfortable Living Environment” in which people and the environment go together in harmony for the brilliant future.

Thank you very much for joining us.

Green World INC.
The company that values people and the environment


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