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  • What are the criteria of LC50 and LD50 which were applied to Oral Toxicity Test and Inhalation Toxicity Test of AVASPO ?

    LC50 is the abbreviation of Lethal Concentration 50%, which refers to the concentration that kills 50% of animal when the 

    toxic material is provided to the experimental animal group. LD50 is the abbreviation of Lethal Dose 50%, when the drug 

    or toxic material is supplied to the experimental animal group, referring to the lethal dose that kill 50% of animal. Both of 

    criteria LC50 and LD50 was applied to all the tests of AVASPO, proving the harmlessness of AVASPO.

  • What is the other difference ?

    The using condition of AVASPO is not limited everywhere at any time, delivering the antibacterial effects of removing various 

    odors and Fungus in everyday life.

  • What is the difference of AVASPO from the currently available disinfectants on Corona 19 Virus ?

    AVASPO removes viruses by a fundamentally different function from currently commercialized disinfectants that are disinfected 

    by actually forced spraying with interval. In other words, the conventional disinfectants eliminate the virus only by spraying the 

    liquid itself on a specific target, however, the particles of AVASPO, volatilized by itself or vaporized by small fan, 

    are delivered to the air and immediately capture the viruses scattered in the space and absolutely sterilize them, covering 

    the entire space.

    AVASPO is very safe and convenient to use with perfect result of virus removal. AVASPO was duly proved to be completely 

    harmless to human or animals through inhalation toxicity tests and oral toxicity tests and can be used everywhere at 

    any time. However, the effect of currently commercialized disinfectants is extremely limited because the direct spray on 

    humans or animals of those disinfectant solutions is prohibited. Furthermore, AVASPO is even safer and economic due to using 

    very small dosage of 1-2 ml for 24 hours. 

  • What is the experts’ opinion on the test result of AVASPO against H3N2 A Type Flu Virus ?

    Lots of experts on virus study are familiar with the Testing Institute, Guang Dong Detection Center of Microbiology, 

    acknowledging their reliability, and showing the high interest in the effectiveness of removal of Hong Kong Flu Virus in the AIR, 

    supposing it will show considerably same tendency of 99.95% removal, if done on the elimination test of COVID 19 Virus. 

  • Why is your virus removal test available only for H3N2 A Type Virus, but not for COVID-19 which is currently prevailing pandemic worldwide ? And is it effective in catching COVID-19 ?

    It is our regret that the test result of AVASPO for Corona-19 Virus is not available because it was very sensitive issue and nobody 

    could secure and multiply Corona-19 Virus even in the Testing Institute when we applied for the test. However, as you might 

    know, Corona 19 Virus is normally classified as the same RNA family with Hong Kong Influenza Virus which is several times 

    stronger and, therefore, it is supposed to be absolutely effective with higher removal rate if AVASPO were tested on Corona 

    19 Virus.

  • How was the air sterilization test of AVASPO against H3N2 A Type Influenza performed and what was the result ?

    This test was done based on the TCID(Tissue Culture Infectious Dose)50method for the removal test of AVASPO against 

    H3N2 A Type Influenza Virus in the AIR. In the first step, H3N2 Virus(Host Cell : MDCK) was cultured for a considerable period. 

    In the second step, after dividing the cultured virus into 3 groups, input them in 1 CBM measuring test cabin and also, 

    small dosage of AVASPO was sprayed. 

    After 2 hours passed, the virus removal rates in the AIR were duly examined, and, surprisingly enough, 99.95% of perfect 

    removing effects were found in all of 3 groups, which mean almost 100% disinfection.

  • Revealing an Air Sterilization Test Report of AVASPO against H3N2 A type Flu Virus(Hong Kong Flu Virus), issued by Chinese Testing Lab, how can you secure the reliability of the Chinese Testing Agency ?

    The Guang Dong Detection Center of Microbiology(GT, website : www.gddcm.com), which conducted airborne H3N2 A Type Flu Virus (Hong Kong Flu Virus)  removing Test of AVASPO is China National Authorized Agency for Testing and Certification who 

    issues CMA(China Metrology  Permit Certificate) and officially recommended testing certificate for antimicrobial materials and products. All of products  and materials which is to be imported to China should be tested by this Agency and their certificate 

    will be the passport for entry  to China and, especially, the standard they currently apply is more than twice as high as the 

    normal test standard. Additionally, The Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea and Korea Environmental Industry 

    and Technology Institute(KEITI), in cooperation with the China Environmental Science Research Institute, which is the largest 

    environmental standard making agency in China, have established a joint environmental technology demonstration support 

    center, obtaining the standard system of China National Certification (CMA Certification) and started issuing service as an 

    official certification agency. Their certification reports are provided to Korean manufacturing industry and related environment 

    organizations that require reasonable Chinese national level of public confidence data on environmental samples.

  • What are the features of the deodorization system ?

    1) Reliable sterilization and deodorization are possible.

    2) It swiftly moves not only to the space, but also to the source of odors which are sticked to the walls, curtains, floors, carpets, etc and remove all of odors completely.

    3) Unlike the passive deodorization method (activated carbon, etc.) that waits for the odor to occur and absorbs odor, AVASPO continuously releases particles to attack the odor source that generates odor and actively captures and deodorizes the odor.

  • How does deodorization and what are its characteristics ?

    The release rate of AVASPO particles from each type of membrane deodorizes in the process of decomposing AVASPO particles surrounding (encapsulating) odor particles.

  • What is the main ingredient of AVASPO and why is it smelling ?

    AVASPO has it’s own specific smell because the main ingredient of AVASPO is a mixture made by natural essential refined plant oils extracted from lots of trees. People who have worked in the forest for a long time are said they feel as they are in the forest even though they are in the urban area when they get smell of AVASPO.Even dogs and cats with a keen sense of smelling are also enjoying AVASPO. Their odors becomes odorless when the amount of AVASPO particles equals the amount of odor particles around. The strong smell of AVASPO means the particles are excessively emitted.To reduce the cost, you can adjust the opening and discharge the appropriate amount. On the contrary, if you think that the odor disappear too late, you can open  the opening and control the amount for proper deodorization performance in a timely manner.

  • Is it masking ? Or is it a neutralizing deodorant ?

    AVASPO is a kind of neutralizing deodorant because it is a capsule rising method that surrounds odor particles.

    AVASPO is not a masking agent, but a sterilizing deodorant.

  • How can I adjust the AVASPO concentration against the odor concentration ?

    It is recommended to adjust AVASPO concentration so that the odor does not smell or AVASPO smells a little, however, it is ideal when adjusted to be odorless.

  • Please advise how to store AVASPO and how long ?

    Because AVASPO is sealed in special plastic, the bag may be filled up with deodorant particles when the temperature rises up in the summer. Be careful to store AVASPO in cooler and dark place with maximum temperature of 10 ℃.

  • Does AVASPO generate secondary pollutants when neutralizing odors ?

    AVASPO generates no secondary pollutants since the neutralization process is basically a physical action.

  • Will AVASPO be harmful to humans or livestock ? If AVASPO is harmless, what is the basis for it ?

    Absolutely safe and harmless because the materials of AVASPO came from natural plants.

    All of AVASPO products for Green World’s clients have been thoroughly tested for harmlessness.

    Inhalation and Oral intake (LC50, LD50) toxicity test results and other test records proved that AVASPO is harmless to humans and livestock.

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